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About Us

The Campus Academy is a private school located in Columbus Georgia, serving grades Pre-K-12.

We have been here since 2019, and are growing every year!

What sets us apart from other private schools in Columbus?

- Fully accredited with quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.
- Small class sizes
- Limited Homework Policy - With small class sizes, we are able to complete our lessons at school, giving after-school time back to families to enjoy each other!
- Personalized Curriculum
- One-on-one and small group instruction
- Dual-Enrollment possibilities with local colleges

Letter from our Director Ms. Vega 

The Campus Academy (TCA) is founded on the fact that all children are unique individuals who learn at different speeds and in different forms. Students at TCA are treated as individuals with unique educational and intellectual strengths and deficits. Each student is encouraged to discover what he or she is capable of and then to pursue it! 
Ms. Vega earned her undergraduate degree from Florida Atlantic University and then a graduate degree from Liberty University. After completing her educational training in traditional public schools, she was presented the opportunity to teach at The Campus. Ms. Vega immediately fell in love with the teaching models she was exposed to. After teaching at The Campus for several years, Ms. Vega learned everything she could about personalized instruction and implemented her own strategies in the classroom as well. 
In 2019, after 6 years, the owner of The Campus decided it was time to retire and the director was moving out of state. Ms. Vega knew having a school like The Campus was necessary. There is no other school in the area like it and she knew this was her calling. Ms. Vega purchased the assets to The Campus and opened The Campus Academy in time for the 2019-2020 school year. 
Ms. Vega believes that all children have the ability to learn and it is the job of the teachers to find out the best way to enable that learning for the students in their classrooms. Teachers are the professionals who spend many hours with their students, they know best what approaches work or do not work for their students. It is important to give power, freedom, and flexibility back to the teachers so that students can truly thrive. 
Ms. Vega strives to bring back the focus on building relationships with our students first. Every student, their stories, their backgrounds, their struggles, and triumphs are important. When students know that everyone at school truly cares about them, that they are free to be themselves, that they will always be supported then the real learning can begin.
The staff at TCA operates as a family, working together to challenge each student to reach their individual, unique goals and to reach their full potential. Through teacher/student relationships, teachers learn the unique strengths and learning styles of their students. With that knowledge, lessons are tailored to the students, making learning fun and exciting.

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