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Frequently Asked Questions about TCA

1. What is TCA? 

The Campus Academy is a traditional private school serving grades PreK-12 in Columbus, GA. 

2. Will my child learn the same academics as in public school? 

TCA is a fully accredited school, which means we teach all the GA standards like all other schools. 

3. What curriculum do you use? 

We do not have a set curriculum because our teachers are allowed and encouraged to use the best curriculum for their students. Each class is different, each teacher is different, each student is different, therefore we can't always use the same curriculum. While we teach the GA standards, how they are taught and the materials used is up to the teachers. Teachers are in the class with the students, they know what is going to work best for them. 
Most teachers use the big publishing companies like McGraw-Hill and Pearson. We also use teaching textbooks, MobyMax, Google classrooms, etc. 

4. Are you a religious school?

No. While TCA is located inside Hilton Terrace Baptist Church, we are not affiliated with the church. We do not teach bible or religion. We welcome all students of all backgrounds, religions, and beliefs. 

5. Will my child receive a traditional high school diploma?

Yes! TCA is a fully accredited school. 

6. Do you have a dress code?

Not really, we want all students to feel comfortable while in school. We just ask the students dress modest and respectful. 

7.  What is personalized instruction?

That is our speciality at TCA! We firmly believe that children learn in their own way and our job as educators is to unlock the child's potential and assist them in understanding their learning style and strengths. Our teaching model follows these steps: 
1. Introduce the students to the new topic 2. Conduct teacher led discussions and lessons on the topic 3. Assign student led assignments where the students develop how best to solve the problem. 
We give the students the tools they need but we want to see how the students use the tools, instead of just being told what to do. 

8. What type of students do you accept?

We pride ourselves in being a really diverse school and having students of all academic levels. However, we do not accept students that have severe behavioral histories, behavioral disorders, severe medical conditions (that require a nurse at school), or significant cognitive delays. 
The best option is to set up an interview so we can discuss the needs of your child. 

9. Do you accept children with IEPs?

In short yes! The best option is always to come in for an interview. We make decisions case by case. 

10. My child is advanced and gets bored in class, do you just give busy work to fill the time?

Absolutely not! Because of our personalized instruction, we make sure the needs of each child is meet. We challenge students on an individual basis, as needed. 

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